distgen provides some builtins that might come convenient to you while writing templates. Following is an overview and usage instructions of these builtins.


If you use one of the builtin configs of distgen or your config contains package_installer.name that is known (currently either yum or dnf), the commands.pkginstaller will be available. Here’s a list of valuable attributes and functions that become available with commands.pkginstaller:

  • commands.pkginstaller.binary - the name of the binary of the installer
  • commands.pkginstaller.install(['foo', 'bar']) - install foo and bar packages
  • commands.pkginstaller.reinstall(['foo', 'bar']) - reinstall foo and bar packages
  • commands.pkginstaller.remove(['foo', 'bar']) - remove foo and bar packages
  • commands.pkginstaller.update(['foo', 'bar']) - update foo and bar packages
  • commands.pkginstaller.update_all() - update all installed packages
  • commands.pkginstaller.cleancache() - clean installer cache